What is Share & Earn (SAE it!)?

Social commerce platform that let’s you earn like never before.


Benefits to all Affiliates:

  • Sharing can be done on any platform like WhatsApp, Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, Pinterest etc
  • Sharing through SAE it! is as simple as pasting a link on any online platform.
  • Affiliates will be aware of their performance via their dashboard.
  • 20% commission** offered on every sale, by respective sellers.
  • Earn cash directly in bank account, and not any points in a wallet etc.
  • The process of Share & Earn is simple, effective and transparent.


How will it be executed?

  • Applicable to only those products given under fufuh.store
  • View video above.
  • Share any link & tracking is enabled for entire website. It means if you share one product, however another product is bought, even then you earn your full commission amount.
  • Sale will be verified by Fufuh once return window of the particular sale is over, and mail will be sent to all concerned parties by Fufuh.
  • Post verification of sale, respective creator will take 4 working days to initiate transfer of commission amount to affiliate bank account.
  • Pro Tip – To put multiple links under one link and give it your own Custom Branding, choose to use the free tool offered by Linktree


To view Quality Creators / Sellers: https://fufuh.store/quality-creators/


  • Only if a verified blogger, influencer or affiliate wants to share the Home Page link then they will have to share the affiliate link given on their account dashboard in Affiliate section.
  • Fufuh will not be responsible to repay any losses incurred by either Seller or verified blogger, influencer or affiliate.

** Products greater than Rs 5000/- & less than Rs 500/- in value & Eatables, 10% commission to be awarded at all times.

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